Smoothie Info

Inportant Info About Your Smoothie

1.     Best within 48 hours, consume within 5 days. Our green smoothies are made fresh with fresh, organic ingredients. This gives you most amount of nutrients per bottle, but it also means that our smoothies are perishable. Your smoothie will taste best within 48 hours, so we recommend drinking them soon after they are in your possession. Consume no later than 5 days.

2.     Keep refrigerated. Keep your smoothie cool and refrigerated before you consume it.

3.     Allergy information. We routinely use different seasonal ingredients in our green smoothies, so please check our website to see what the current ingredients are to make sure there’s nothing in there that you’re allergic too. Also, please let us know any allergy information so we can save that to your account for future reference.

4.     Shake well before drinking. Since our smoothies are made only with fruits and vegetables, they will naturally separate and settle over time. Give it a good shake to equally disperse the ingredients for a consistent taste.

5.     We recommend drinking the full bottle as a meal replacement. Green smoothies are one of the healthiest things you can eat, and they do contain fiber which can fill you up (a good thing :) We recommend drinking the full smoothie in one setting so it can also function as a meal replacement.

6.     Keep it up! We at The Fruit Tree try to consume as many green smoothies as we can (we recommend one per day), the more you drink the healthier you will be!